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What is Muscle Neurology Therapy? It's a technique that enables bones, joints and nerves to move back into alignment, through releasing spasmed muscles and fascia. The reaction to pain lays down a "memory" in the subconscious, which makes a pattern.

Trauma is laid down in layers in the body. It can be very recent, or remain from childhood.

It has to be released through deep tissue work and cupping. The ripple effect caused by this release, can initiate responses on a variety of levels, including emotional.

Bringing your body back into alignment results in balance and wellbeing. Emotions and energy levels improve. M.N.T is not a cure. It is not a massage. It is not a quick fix. But it will work! You need to be patient and trusting.  

Muscle Neurology Therapy is a technique developed by Rosemary Allen. She established the Rosemond Academy of Muscle Neurology in East Boambee, near Coffs Harbour in NSW. I have gained a Diploma from her Academy.  

I am also a qualified Relaxation Massage Therapist and Registered Nurse. I studied with Discover Massage Australia, and am insured through the industry based I.I.C.T.

My clinic is at 40 Deans Rd, Boambee. Please phone me on 0476 603 944 if you wish to make an appointment or have questions about Muscle Neurology. Email me if you prefer - [email protected]

I have a current Working with Children Card and Police Check. Also an Advanced resuscitation/First Aid