I have seen the benefits of Rosemond Muscle Neurology Therapy - from a disabled young man in a wheelchair to a child with behavioural problems, stemming from their mother’s long labour. People in chronic pain who don’t know where to turn…

After I received just one treatment, I was hooked. I decided to study Muscle Neurology Therapy and discover the reasons why it is so successful.

This therapy provides enormous relief to suffering, be it physical, emotional or both.

Your internal organs and systems are rewired anew. 

Muscle Neurology Therapy may assist with:

lower back pain

arthritis/painful joints


headaches asthma

incontinence infertility



There is a reason for your condition and it can be determined through this technique, then treated.

Why chose this

Back on Track Clinic?

It is trauma-informed therapy

It is hands on

It is unique

You learn about your body and how to treat it.